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C series

Summary:The company has a full set of modern mechanical processing, inspection, assembly and debugging equipment

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1、 Brake disc series
The whole set of brake disc processing technology, including rough and fine integration, double column CNC vertical lathe CNC grinding machine series, including: horizontal grinding machine, vertical grinding machine, double lathe and double grinder, brake disc coating, drying, marking and packaging integration machine

2、 Light cutting CNC machine tools
High voltage transformer series special equipment automatic pad processing and production machine
Stair machining center 3030 cushion block machining center
Aluminum alloy machining center, new energy battery panel processing machine

3、 Woodworking series
CNC woodworking gantry milling d2412 b2412

4、 Re cutting series
Fixed beam CNC gantry milling 2016, 3016
CNC gantry milling of moving beam 6030 and 4025

5、 CNC boring, turning and milling, axle boring, horizontal machining center, horizontal lathe series
6、 Double head deep hole drill for glass mould
7、 Double end face special machine for crane truck


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